Additional precautions taken:

In light of the pandemic and extra precautions we are taking we are making a few changes that will most likely be permenant. It is my belief that this will not be over anytime soon. Taking these extra steps is also keeping us healthier and helps prevent even the common cold from taking hold.  Each illness can cost our group thousands.  Yes I said thousands and negatively impact parents careers and children's growth and development.  Even their lives if bad enough (RSV, FLU) Less sickness = happier kids, parents, and ME :)  

My son, due to his diagnosis, is also considered AT RISK if he gets sick.  Epilepsy and his severe reflux make even the simplest colds dangerous.  

  •  Parents must pick up and drop off their children on the front porch and may not step           inside.
  •  I will be wearing an N95 mask and gloves and or regularly wash or use hand sanitizer, depends on supplies. 
  •  All children will be at least 6 feet apart at all times. Crawlers are separated by baby gates and play in separate rooms. 
  •  Every child gets their own toys, highchair seat, crib, diaper changing space, sleep sack, cubby, and swing if needed.  
  •  I am keeping a max of two daycare kids at this time so 1 child in each room for sleeping. With their own crib, they are not swapped or shared.
  •  Children's temperatures will be checked at drop off and periodically through out the day. 
  •  I will be utilizing my same Germ control sanitizing agent and washing all rags, sleep sacks and sheets in hot water.
  •  Windows will be open more often to bring in fresh air and of course as much outside time as weather permits.  

Covid 19 Response 

  • So how does my child socialize if they can't be next to other kids?
    • Good question.  Infants do not socialize the same as toddlers.  Some call it solitary play.  They tend to play alone, maybe steal another kids toy, and look up periodically at another child.  When separated we still sing songs, engage, giggle, work on reaching, sitting and just hanging out.  It is not as critical to be within touch range at this stage of another child. 
    • They are still learning to wait, be ok with other kids making noises, and having to share a caregivers attention.  Those are huge lessons and surprisingly hard for some kids who are used to having 2 or more adults jumping up for every noise they make.  
  •  How is my baby learning to read your facial expressions?
    • Well I have my mask on when I am close to a child.  I take it off when I am interacting with the kids together from a distance, playing peek abo from the kitchen, and make a point to interact with them even if I am not holding them every moment.  I have to balance safety with not completely removing a way that they learn.  Kids need to see facial expressions to learn language and emotion.
  •  Do you have a cape or something you change in between touching someone else's kid?
    • Not at this time I do not.  But I am looking at trying to find something that will work.  With PPE supplies low I can no longer order things like that myself. This is not something I have access to from my sons medical equipment company.  So I am looking at making or having someone make me capes that I can put on when feeding each baby. A different cape for each kid. 
    • I do have a continual supply of gloves, soap, and N95 masks.

Questions that parents might have: