Dates available:  Please forward any requests. 

Take a look around at the local Drop In Daycare's and you will see a bunch of craziness and fun catering for the toddlers and older kids.  The only other option for parents of infants is to hire a babysitter or family.  If you are not one of the lucky ones that have family you can trust local, that is where I come in.

My focus is on the 0-12m set.  I legally can have up to 4 kids. 

I can either try to keep them on their sleeping schedule or we can try to keep them up so they sleep in, in the morning.  Disclaimer: I make no promises they won't wake at 5 am like usual lol

Care is at my home in a crib, not a pack n play.  I have two bedrooms dedicated to the daycare kids. So it is very similar if not like home.  I can feed them or you can feed them prior to drop off.  Parent's that do not attend my daycare, please bring formula/breast milk. 

Hours are from 6:00p-10:00p on scheduled nights.  A flat $40 per child with a reservation and all paperwork turned in with shot records.  Invoice emailed to you and payment required before drop off.

Do not swing by my house unannounced even if I have your child on file.  If I have no reservations I have the night off! Remember this is my personal residence and  I do value my downtime.  Don't be a creeper :)

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in Parent's Night Out.  Let me know what date you would prefer.  I require that we meet beforehand so you can see the place, and I can answer any questions.  Remember this is a licensed in-home daycare and this is my home.  So a bit different from a center drop-in care environment. I will email you all the paperwork and you must return it all at drop off or before, otherwise, I can not care for your child.  Thank you for understanding. Danielle

Parent's Night Out

Drop in Care Facilities for Toddlers, Older Children, and kids with Special Needs

Kid Space Drop-In Care (Stone Oak and Cibolo Canyon)  12m and older only.  

Respite Care of San Antonio

This facility takes special needs children and their siblings for a very reasonable rate.  Date night and overnights are available.