Holiday Schedule 2020

New Years Day

Presidents Day

Memorial Day

4th of July (not applicable this year)

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Shut down November 17-December 10th this year

Open week of Christmas

If these holidays fall on a weekend, I will notify you (at least two weeks in advance) whether the holiday will be honored on the Friday before or the Monday following the holiday.  Daycare rates are not adjusted for these closures.

Parents Portal

Paying Tuition

Payments are sent on an agreed schedule to you via email.  Simple click on the button and you will be instructed to pay through Paypal.  So you can pay via check, debit, or credit card.  No worries about setting up Auto Debit. 

For parents that prefer to split the cost I can set up an interval that would allow payment to alternate between the two of you.  This helps divorced and dual checking account parents.  Another way to make payment a little easier.  All can be done via your phone.

A 10% discount on tuition for payment paid in full for the month.  Only after the initial 2 week trial period. 

Daily/Monthly Communication

To help facilitate communication and manage my daycare I subscribe to the baby connect app. 

  • Real-time updates
  • Pics uploaded
  • Great to use 24/7 and at home for breast milk pumping, tracking nap routines, and diapers.