Pre Enrollment Program

What is a Pre Enrollment Program?

Well, this is a program born out of need.  When starting my daycare back up here in San Antonio vs Fort Worth where I previously ran one, I found the environment different.  There is something in the water out here lol  There are a large number of babies being born and a shortage of qualified providers, so waiting lists are the norm.

There are two camps of parents. 1. The ones looking to move right now because they really dislike their current daycare or just moved into the area.  2.  The pregnant parents who are looking to lock in care before they are put in a bind. 

As a daycare provider, I also have to balance enrollment/ages, a naturally expected industry turnover average,  and recruiting quality families.  QUALITY is the key. Families that are on the same page with my beliefs and value the TYPE of care I provide.  

That being said I was finding myself having an opening and locking in a spot having a few weeks of floating a spot then turning away great parents that wanted to start earlier(large loss of income), OR turning away parents who I can't justify saving a spot for that far out most likely losing income. In turn, they are forced to wait until the last minute or enroll in a center that can float enrollment that far out. Not ideal for either of us.

After searching forums and discussions of other in-home daycare's with parents input, I decided on this program.  

If the start date is more than 2 weeks out, I require 1/2 the base weekly full-time tuition rate at the time of enrollment on a weekly basis until the child starts care.  The contract will be pulled together for both pre-enrollment and fully enrolled rate, schedule etc. I can bill you electronically weekly or monthly.

This prevents me from having to turn away great parents and not knowing if I will have a spot when they need it, and also assures you that you have a spot in my daycare when YOU need it. Preventing daycare hopping waiting post birth for a spot to open up here.

I have only 3 spots, each spot is a 1/3 of my income.  You all can do the math, unfortunately, in order for me to build a sustainable child care business, I need to make sure I am at capacity most of the time.  Thank you for understanding how the set up here needs to be different than how a center can run things.