Foster Child Respite 


I am located on the Far NW side of San Antonio.  Zip Code is 78254


0-12 months or older if there is some type of physical disability preventing them from walking like CP.


I choose to charge the daily rate you all are reimbursed to make it affordable.  The price is a flat rate. Whether a few hours or a whole day.  

Basic           $27.07

Moderate     $47.37

Specialized  $57.86

An invoice will be emailed to the address on file and paid before drop off.  I use Paypal to collect payment. Since I include my tax id number on the invoice and I am sending the invoice from my daycare account, you will be able to write off the daycare expense I believe.  Check with your tax adviser on whether they recommend claiming that or not. 

Special Needs

I am open to discussing care for any special needs your child may have.  All I expect from you is direct communication and honesty, no sugar coating.  Many children may have just come into care and you don't know what is wrong yet.  You have a feeling but are waiting on a specialist appt. for instance.  I expect and need you to tell me everything about this child that you feel impacts how I should care for them in the form below. So we both are covered god forbid something happens.  We are all in this together when it comes to caring for these babies.  All notes, allergies, diagnosis, etc. will be kept on file.

Agencies Currently Approved 

Ember Hope

Family Link

Former CPS home

If interested please fill out this interest form below, and I will respond as soon as I can. 

Thanks,  Danielle 

Basic Information

For parents, I have already spoken to and met.  Please fill out the form below so I have all this information on file.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email.