Here at Nature Baby, we know that when you are looking for a childcare provider that your first priority is to find somewhere that is safe, clean and overall healthy environment for your little one. 

After much discussion between Joe and I, we have decided to make some changes with our licensing.  We dropped down to 'Listed' Status last year to focus on finalizing our adoption of our son.    Listed means no more than 3 children in my care that are not related via foster care, close family, or biological.  No physical inspections, but background checks are required. We decided to max out at 2 daycare kids at this time.  Due to needing to keep the kids completely separate.

Our main licensing agency was our foster/adopt agency and we "were" a "specialized" medical foster adopt home until early 2020.  But we have recently closed our foster/adopt home with this Covid 19 mess.  We knew we would have to reduce the traffic in our house.  Keeping my family and my daycare kids healthy is a priority.  Reducing stress, new germs, and traffic is very much needed. We have 1 therapist that visits on Friday for my son.  None now during the week.

We are still limiting our ages and from 6 weeks to 12 months of age. No toddlers. I will be happy to work with my parents on a phase out date so you are able to get into the daycare of your choice.  

Due to all of the Covid stuff I am holding back to see what is going to happen with the daycare business before I try to apply for a REGISTERED license.  Technically I don't NEED to bump up to registered which invites more people into my home, and with the quarantines and risk of them bringing something from another house, I am choosing NOT to license my home more than at LISTED status. 

We fully recognize that this set up will not work for everyone.  I completely understand.  But my job is to be fully transparent will all of my potential parents.  In addition to recognizing my limitations in order to continue to provide quality care for your little ones without stretching myself too thin.  

If there are any questions on the licensing differences see the link below or message me.  I will be happy to help where I can.   Danielle



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