Here at Nature Baby, we know that when you are looking for a childcare provider that your first priority is to find somewhere that is safe, clean and overall healthy environment for your little one. 

After much discussion between Joe and I, we have decided to make some changes with our licensing.  Our focus is shifting to prioritize our work-life balance and further accommodate our desire to foster and adopt. So less paperwork, redundant training, and fewer children to care for, equals less stress. 

We have decided to drop our license down to 'Listed" status from 'Registered" at this time.  That means redundant background checks but no inspections from Childcare Licensing, only Foster Care (Child Protective Services).  Listed means no more than 3 children in my care that are not related via foster care, close family, or biological.  We are currently licensed as a foster and adopt home with a private foster/adopt agency.

What this will mean is just one agency monitoring my home, vs two. CPS/agency visits are a monthly surprise and planned visit vs daycare licensing every 2 yr required visits.  If there are any kids in care there could be the various therapist, attorneys, and social workers visiting.  This means more eyes on me and your children in my care.  All parties are legally bound to report any neglect or abuse they see if any.  CPS requires more stringent safety checks, and tighter adult to child ratios.  This means legally I am also limited more so with the number of kids I am allowed at one time in my care. 

All new kids will start as newborns and infants, no toddlers are accepted into the program.  Kids will phase out around 12 months of age.  

We fully recognize that this set up will not work for everyone.  I completely understand.  But my job is to be fully transparent will all of my potential parents.  In addition to recognizing my limitations in order to continue to provide quality care for your little ones without stretching myself too thin.  

If there are any questions on the licensing differences see the link below or message me.  I will be happy to help where I can.   Danielle


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