Special Needs

As a small in home daycare owner I am fortunate to have the flexibility to accommodate some special needs.  At this time since my environment is focused and catered to infants I try to make sure any special needs I do accommodate are either for kiddoes in the 0-12m range or toddlers who have the mental capacity of an infant. 

My own son was adopted from foster care and his diagnosis list includes cerebral palsy, cortical vision impairment, epilepsy, reflux, intellectual delay, g tube dependent, and non verbal.   Sounds intimidating, but he is one of the easiest, happiest, and enjoyable kids I have ever had.  He loves the babies and they love him.  So it works out beautifully.

10 years experience in healthcare, daycare, and fostering.  If I don't feel comfortable with your child's diagnosis I will be upfront with you, if, I am not a good fit.  So please feel free to inquire.