Full-Time maximum of 40 hours in care M-Th:  

FT $215 a week 7-5pm


PT Choose any 3 days M-Th. $190

Included in the tuition are organic formula and all food.  Healthy organic, GMO-free when available, and low to no preservatives, added food coloring etc.  

PT Care:

3 days must be consecutive and the same each week.  Children thrive when they have consistent care schedules.  This helps to keep a calm environment for the whole group and the main reason I choose to no longer provide drop-in or every other day daycare. 

Discounts:  (Not giving discounts right now due to the Covid situation) Discount is given of 10% if you pay a month at a time.  Tuition calculated x 4.33 weeks - 10%= $rate.  So you get the same bill every month.  And it saves you $90 a month. 

There are no discounts for the occasional day that grandma can take them or you have the day off.  In daycare, you are paying for the spot.  I have fixed business expenses that are due whether or not your child is here.  Thank you for understanding. 

Mothers Day Out:  I have decided to no longer offer part-time(1 or 2 days) or mother's day out.  It just causes too much of an interruption to my group dynamic.  I find kids do much better when they have consistent care environments and jumping back and forth between the group and one on one tends to make it difficult for the babies. This interrupts the environment for my full-time kids and is not worth it.  At the end of the day, my priority is to my full-time kids and parents. I need to create a healthy, calm environment for them to thrive.

‚ÄčParent's Night Out:  (Not offering at this time) Please check out this page.

Fees:  There are no additional fees throughout the year added. It is one flat rate.  

Ages:  I am only accepting infants in care.  0-12 months of age.  I am more than happy to work with you and your future provider to align your last date with the available opening at their daycare. 

Hours/Days Open for Care: 

Each child has their own schedule.  But my limitations for all new children starting after 2/15/18 are.

No drop-offs for regularly scheduled kids before 7am, No scheduled drop-offs or pickups between the hours of 12-2pm, and all children picked up by 5pm. 

Days open are, Monday - Thursday, Friday will be a kid-free day. I will utilize this day for keeping up with training, bookkeeping, licensing paperwork, cleaning, new parent tours, and house maintenance that I can not do with kids underfoot.